Express Entry – Step-by-Step

Here’s some of you can do to prepare yourself for Express Entry. Please note that these instructions are more general case, and your case may not fit in this scenario. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Read about the Express Entry

If you know that you want to take the Express Entry route, make sure you have at least the basic knowledge of Express Entry.

Proof of Funds

In order to settle into Canada via Express Entry, you must have enough money available throughout the whole process. The amount is determined by your family size. In order to proof that these funds belong to you, you must get official letters from any banks or financial institutions where you are keeping money. Please note that these are the minimum, and that it’s good idea to save money before immigrating to Canada.

Number of Family Members Funds Required (in Canadian dollars)
1 $12,475
2 $15,531
3 $19,093
4 $23,181
5 $26,292
6 $29,652
7 $33,014
For each additional family member $3,361

Write the IELTS Exam

Once you have gather an understanding of the program, you need to get your IELTS General Training option done. You need to get your IELTS test done before you can be even considered for Express Entry. You can find more information about the IELTS General Training test. In order to study for the test, make sure to visit the free IELTS resources section.

Certify your Education

If you received post-secondary education outside of Canada, you need to have Education Credential Assessment report. An Educational Credential Assessment is a report conducted by an independent company that evaluates your foreign education. You need to assess your highest level of education, not all of them.

Document Checklist

There are some documents that needs to be prepared. Make a copy of the following documents:

  • police certificates
  • passport or travel documents
  • proof of work experience
  • copy of birth certificate
  • proof of studies
  • proof of funds
  • if applicable, letter of offer from the employer
  • marriage certificate or divorce certificate or death certificate of a spouse

There may be more documents needed but these are the basic documents that you need.

Contact Us

We can take it from here and get your Express Entry process started. We will ask you for more information but that would be periodical as your case is being processed. Head to the assessment page and fill out the Express Entry form and we will email you or give you a call shortly.