• Why choose Prospect Canada Services?
    Prospect Canada Services provides variety of service in an affordable price, we communicate with our clients frequently to understand them and to know what they want. We hold your hands even after you land in Canada by making you familiar with Canada and Canadian environment. Our goal is simple to make our client’s goal possible.
  • Is Prospect Canada Services trustworthy?
    Trust, Commitment and Confidence is a key, we build a confidence in our clients, we give commitment for better future, we trust in ourselves. We support our clients till end.
  • What are your hours of operation?
    Regular hours are 10am to 6pm, but we are flexible with our hours due to countries time difference.
  • What are your service charges?
    Service charges are depending on the type of service you are getting from us. Typically, we give our clients prices once we know their case it makes us identify how much time we need to spend on client.
  • What will happen after I fill my assessment form and submit it?
    Once we receive your assessment form we will contact you within 72 hours and tell you about the next steps including documents checklist.
  • How long will it take to process my application?
    Application processing time varies on type of application, but we will always keep update our clients on their file. You can always inquire to us about the processing time of your application.
  • What’s the chances of my application to get approval?
    Future is uncertain, but depending on how strong and genuine is your case there is always high chances of getting approval. We use our professionalism, knowledge and experience to put in your case for success results. We won’t take your case if we feel there is risks of rejection.
  • Do I get money back if my file gets decline?
    No, the final decision on application files are made by CIC which unfortunately we can’t control and change. We charge our clients for spending time on their case to study it, understand it and apply it. We provide discounted rates on the second attempt files as we know the case already.
  • Do you offer any other services after landing in Canada?
    Yes, we provide other services as well which is extremely useful to all those who came Canada first time. Those services include accommodation, transport, and important useful knowledge about city.
  • Do you accept clients from everywhere in the world?
    Yes, our clients could be sitting anywhere in the world and can reach out to us for our service. We prefer English as a main line of communication.
  • How I can get in touch with Prospect Canada Services?
    You can get in touch with us by email, phone call, WhatsApp, Skype or even social media messages.
  • How I can pay for my services?
    You can pay us by cash, email transfer, wire transfer or bank draft.
  • How can I rate Prospect Canada Services?
    We definitely require your comments to help us to know us. You can rate us on our website and leave your comments.

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