Study Permit – Step-by-Step

Here’s some things that you can do to prepare yourself for Study Permit. Please note that these instructions are more general case, and your case may not fit in this scenario. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Read about the Study Permit

If you want to get a study permit to study in Canada, make sure you read up on Study Permit and get some basic information about the program and its requirements.

Choose your Program and School

Choose an school in Canada that is participating in Designated Learning Institute (DLI) program, as only those schools can admit foreign nationals. After that, choose a program to study and we highly recommend to choose the field of study related to your education background.

Write the IELTS Exam

Colleges and universities based in Canada requires foreign nations to met the level of English, A foreign nation can go through IELTS exam before they apply for acceptance letter from institutions or apply for Study Permit. In order to study for the test, make sure to visit the free IELTS resources section.

Contact Us

We can take it from here and get your Study Permit process started. We will ask you for more information but that would be periodical as your case is being processed. Head to the assessment page and fill out the Study Permit form and we will email you or give you a call shortly.

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